mountain airfield (Altiport) ?

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    I use only the mobile version for the moment, but I am doubtless going to buy the PC version.

    To land on an altiport, with slopes runways, is an experience very interesting.

    For FSX / P3D, Majeraz models very great altiport ( ).

    Do you think of adding it in aerofly 2 ?

  • Do you think of adding it in aerofly 2 ?


    Actually the question is rather to be asked to LLH, whether they intend to port any of their product into AFS2.

    The big challenge in MS FS was to modellize slopy runways while FS striclty requests runways to be totally flat (at least for AI traffic to work) this technical request was pulled accross versions up to FSX and P3D, although LM is working on solutions to eventually have slopy runways enabling AI trafic, but that's another topic.

    Majeraz beautifully modellizes his runways in 3D, integrating them into the mesh and photo textures. Technically, if he did it for FS, there's no reason he cannot also do it in AFS 2 in the future, provided that IPACS make their SDK compatible with common well spread 3D Design tools like Gmax.

    You should ask him, but I assume there are little chances he'll come to it if he cannot easily reuse his material...



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