OSM data and IPACS generic import

  • I would just add (maybe it's just me) that I find the night lighting excessively "fuzzy", and that is exacerbated in VR. I was trying to line up on Innsbruck recently, and from any sort of distance the centerline runway was lost in a blurred haze of light that was kind of discouraging.

    For me, that means a semi moratorium on night landings at this otherwise beautiful scenery. :D

    I just approached rwy 28 in zurich in night and the white rwy lights are extremely blurry (4k resolution) as described by HiFlyer. I am not sure whether this was different before the last update.


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    working with osm data now for a while, I have the impression, that streetlamps are rarely captured.

    I prefer to use the classified road network and will create artificial lamp positions.

    We can use coordinate lists in any text form to import these data within minutes into aerofly.

    Converting osm data into shape files has been successful as well. Using a GIS system I could extract data osm maps and import them into aerofly.
    See about 80 houses in a residential area retrieved from osm data.

    As soon as IPACS approves publication I will give you all necessary information.

    Thanks to Gooseno1 pointing me to JOSM.


  • Ya' know...... since we have all this activity going on, it occurs that hawaii would be a pretty good self contained testbed for all the new stuff, considering so many are also working on it at the same time......

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