Every now and then...

  • I know I complain a lot about the low resolution of the Rift (not IPACS fault) and about the lack of weather, but well... every now and then when I do put on my Rift again and start Aerofly and just sit in the Airbus cockpit... it is kinda cool. Very cool. I just did a flight in the Airbus around New York, landing on La Guardia, and well, as long as you don't look outside too much and focus on the cockpit it is quite a nice and immersive experience to 'be there'. Really nice to have all this. I count my blessings. And look forward to even more system depth and usuable knobs and switches in the Airbus. I think that right now I like Aerofly in VR more for airliners than for GA/VFR because airliners need more focus on what's happening in the cockpit and so the blurry pixelated scenery out there (again, not IPACS fault) doesn't matter that much! ;)

    I think it's time to give the Q400 a try: never really tried it because I sort of stopped using Aerofly around the time it was released. I will have to learn to fly it in 2D though because I can't read the tutorial and fly at the same time in VR.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that every now and then I am still (very) happy with Aerofly FS 2.;)

  • @J van E - Oculus are releasing a completely overhauled interface in December called Dash. It will be built around multitasking and so will allow other windows to be overlaid on your game. This should be the answer for bringing PDFs or web pages into the cockpit. In fact if Oculus do a classy job of this I could imagine them giving the overlay window a snazzy frame so you could have it feel like a device like an iPad rather than just a window. Surely this sort of thing would be useful in many VR applications not just FS2.

  • I find sitting in the Airbus at 30K ft at night (in Aerofly that is) with all the instruments lit up in VR gives a very eerie feeling.. That's immersion!

    Well, I will certainly give that a try this evening! ;)