• Greetings Flightsimmers & IPAC Team:)

    In VR I have flickering of textures in far distance in cockpit and fly by view. I fly mostly in the beautiful Alps Innsbruck Scenery from ORBX. Flickering of textures by following:

    Airport runway and surroundings, buildings, trees , power lines , cities in villages in far distance. By closer flying the flickering is eliminted. I fly with Oculus Rift CV 1. Settings in game and VR in Game of high quality. Rendering 2.0. No Stuttering , flying is smooth. But only I have the flickering

    My Specs:

    VR HMD Oculus Rift CV 1

    CPU I7 3770 K

    GPU GTX 1070 8 GB

    Ram 16 GB

    In normal mode on 24" monitor , no flickering, flying is smooth, everything works fine.

    I have made no graphical changes in settings in the gforce expirience driver.

    can anybody help me... have some tips & tricks to fix it.

    best regards, Eike:)

  • Eike, the flickering you describe is probably aliasing and hard to eliminate in current VR devices due to the limited resolution.

    We recommend not to use the Render scale factor of more than 1 as it will just increase aliasing effects.

    Aerofly, especially Innsbruck has so fine detail, its actually too much detail for current VR devices due to the limited resolution. We are currently evaluating some other anti aliasing solutions to reduce this effect a little.

  • Hey, many thanks... first step to solve it. I will reduce the render quality to 1.0.

    I have not tested by other sceneries. But I will try it.

    Yes , I think it is what you say an aliasing effect problem. Do you think it makes sense to modify the settings of alaising in the gforce 3D settings especilaly

    for Program AeroFly Fs 2 , or it makes no difference of the effect in the graphical details of the sim to do this.

    from your side, it is recommanded to use the newest GPU driver. I rolled back from 388.43 to 369.58. I found out there are no visual differences between, but I think and this is my impression ,that with the 369.58 the flying is smoother.

    sorry for my english:)

    best regards, Eike

  • We always recommend against changing any settings in the 3D driver.

    At this point, there is no setting in the 3D driver that will result in a better image inside the Oculus Rift, the resolution is really the limiting factor.

    Like mentioned before, we are currently experimenting with a post antialiasing technique to reduce this effect a little.

  • I have not noticed any flickering or stuttering since the latest patch, other than in buildings which they know about and are working on.

    I have everything turned off in the video card settings, AA, AF, etc... Start there. I would start at lowest res and detail on the in game settings, then work your way up till you find something that triggers it. I know clouds had a flicker to them at one time, not sure if that is resolved. I only fly with Stratus clouds, I hate the twisting turning of the Cumulus. Could it be distant clouds that are causing it


  • Hi there,

    thanks for your comments... first I tried to set the Rendering to 1.0 in game. Found out it solved the flickering a little bit.

    For now it is okay for me. I will install the latest Nvidia Driver for my GPU. And let you know. I will try some settings from low to high.

    many thanks, Eike