My Steam Review Of Aerofly 2

    Ok well hear is what i think of Aerofly FS 2 so far!

    I got this way back when it was still in early access and to my surprise it was so polished for being a 2d flight sim but even more so for VR, so all i can say is that when i play this on my oculus rift its awesome! there is nothing out there as of yet that comes close to this in VR for a flight sim. yes and i do have xplane 11 also and i have used there native beta so far but no way does it even come close to the clarity that you will get in a rift or vive with Aerofly!!

    and yeah sure its not as in depth as xplane 11 or other flight sims yet, as this is a new flight product that will take time to get all them things that you see in other flight sims.

    and from what i see and read IPACS do a great job of being humble and kind for there customer service!

    so for anyone who is sitting on the fence thinking should they buy this product i would say.. For sure give it a go as its great, and it looks better then anything out there on the market so far Regarding 2d/VR.

  • VR really isn't a concept anymore, it's being embraced more and more by the population and when it comes to simulators, whether flight, car, or any other, there really isn't anything better if done right. And 'right' is what we are trying to do here.

    Regardless, we will always keep the 2D/VR hybrid going as we aim to appease everyone.

    On our VR side of things, there's nothing 'niche' about it, we have something special that we will expand upon.

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  • Well someone has to lead the way, if there is no compelling reason to get into VR, then people won't fork out for the kit, but there are some very far sighted devs between here, Project CARS, DCS World etc that will ensure VR has a future.

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