Steam loop message "Allow game launch?"

  • Hey guys

    I didn't run AFS for quite some time but now when I try to start it in vr, I'm getting this message from steam.

    I click OK and it only briefly disappears and pops up again and again and again..

    Anybody knows what's going on?

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    This is a Steam security feature that Steam has added months ago.

    The only 'official' way to remove it is to remove the parameter from the 'set launch options' box. This has nothing to do with Aerofly directly.

    If you run directly from the Steam start menu then you will not see this.

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  • Are you launching this from inside the Rift, in the Oculus home environment? If so, you can fix this by editing the manifest json file for AeroFly in the Oculus install directory. I have mine set-up so I can launch it from inside the Rift without any pop-ups or messages appearing (and using the Oculus build, not the SteamVR version). Let me know if you'd like help and I can tell you what to edit to make it work.

    Edit -- I'm sorry, I should have read more carefully. I'm not sure why you're getting this in a loop and it's not going away when you click ok, can't say I've seen that behavior before. :/