Speed up time for long fly with a liner

  • You can go to the navigation map and just move the airplane icon farther along into the flight, skipping part of it. Then you will have to re-engage the autopilot. It is not the same thing as what you are asking for, but it does get you to the "exciting part" of descent and landing more quickly.

  • I used to fly mostly IFR, programming fmc etc. with the microsoft fs line and addon aircrafts. With Aerofly FS2 i fly almost exclusively VFR. It is so much nicer.

    However i understand xour initial question and i recommend to start in lowi and then move your aircraft to let say the tod or closer to newark and land using the ils.



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  • i recommend to start in lowi and then move your aircraft to let say the tod or closer to newark and land using the ils.

    That is an option but I’d never do that... I simply plan flights depending on the time I’ve got or want to spend flying. Moving your plane using the map totally kills immersion for me. What’s the point of planning a long flight and not flying it? ;)

    But anyway, as it is now AFS2 is more for quick VFR flights. Real airliner flights are hard to do in a realistic way due to the simplicity of various options and the lack of more in depth simulation. Of course you CAN fly an Airbus or Boeing all over the world but imho it wouldn’t be a satisfying experience.

  • Yeah, to do an airline flight realistically you would have to go to flight school and get your certificates, work in a crummy job for a while, get hired as a co-pilot, live in a dirty apartment with six other co-pilots, drive into the airport, walk through the airport to the briefing room, walk out onto the tarmac and inspect the plane, sit in the right seat for six or eight years, etc etc etc. Then it would be "realistic".

    Everything is relative. What is satisfying to some isn't satisfying to others.

  • Thanks for all the good advice. I don't want to live like an airline pilot, unless they pay me captain's wages, I would just like to simulate that I'm one. I leave the real stuff for men more macho than I am.

    To me the enjoyment comes from starting with basic role playing not attending for some pilot school of hard knocks. My idea is to go to the airport on a sunny day, (but it's very nice if I can select day or night), chose my plane, walk around and kick the tires, see if all the controls are intact and the plane is flyable, the open the door, strap myself in and start the engine. If I have some passengers, open the door and let them take their seats. Ask or just wait for a tower control to give permission to taxi, warn me about flights landing on the same runway I'm on. Then take off, have a nice flight, land and do everything you should do when you complete a real flight. Naturally all these steps should be optional and bypassed by a single, next button if desired. So if I'm in the hurry I don't have to wait 45 minutes to taxi. Am I too demanding? Somehow I feel this is the minimum to be able to say that I had a good flight. Hardships, accidents, foul weather, enemy planes, etc. could be added later.

  • Everything is relative. What is satisfying to some isn't satisfying to others.

    True. It all depends on what you like to do and what you'd call realistic. I am (of course) talking about simulating a flight, not simulating a pilot's life. ;)

    Flying an airliner in AFS2 can be called realistic if you just look at the actual flying (you are sitting in the cockpit and well, you fly). But that is only simulating a very small part of reality. To me it needs more to be realistic: my wishes come closer to Vitorlazo's desires. I want to be able set up the FMS/MCDU/whatever you call it with a realistic flightplan, to go from cold and dark to cold and dark (although I'd usually would use a go around state), deal with ATC, deal with SIDs and STARs if needed, deal with weather (here I go again: a flight sim without weather isn't really a flight sim: it's like a sailing sim without water or a driving sim without roads), in short: I want to simulate a FLIGHT from A to Z with as much as possible that should come with it. And that includes more than just taking off and following an unrealistic flightplan and then land. For me (very personally) AFS2 is a nice sim for some short hops but if I want to do a realistic flight I have no other option than to start up P3D. But that's my very personal subjective opinion.

    Hopefully one day AFS2 (or AFS3 or AFS4 or AFS5) will offer all I desire because at its core AFS2 is totally awesome: it has the potential to become the best flight sim around.

  • ATC and FMC would be great. It is my understanding that the flight crew rarely starts the plane these days, so really, I want to start the plane maybe once just to say I did it. After that I am happy to believe the start-up crew did it for me. The same with the FMC. I am happy to let my co-pilot punch the buttons after I have done it a few times.

    As you know, weather is my number one request at this point, but I am not convinced I will ever see it.

  • For me it's as much of a time issue as a learning issue. I want to spend my sim time flying rather than setting things up, since I already realize that so many compromises are built into the hobby. It will never be truly "real", so I would prefer to spend my fake simming time in the air.

    But I don't belittle anyone who wants to do all that setting up. Whatever makes people happy in the hobby is fine with me. I do, however, get annoyed when people claim that one group or another is more "sincere" about the hobby. I borrowed that term from model railroading, where the exact same type of divide occurs.