Vegetation suddenly gone around airport with custom ground

  • Hi,

    looks like I have a little problem. It happens to all my own made airports.

    -Yesterday, after the update, was still everything okay.

    -I haven't touched anything regarding the sceneries today

    -All toc and tmc in place and fine

    -airport__outside smaller than missing area, but it seems to be related to the shape

    -everything I have changed/done at the sim today was to update the Bücker once, but that shouldn't do anything.

    Might it be possible that there has been one more up date today? My antivirus was complaining again, but I added a exception like yesterday. I tried also to close steam once and started it again, but it didn't make any change.

    Any suggestions..?




  • Hi,

    Just to close this one:

    I got the confirmation that the airfield itself doesn't have any bugs. I can't say exactly what caused the problem. Most likly it was some conflicting cultivation. I was taking the components of my Germany scenery one after one out. At one point I had the vegetaion back. So I made a completely new set up for Germany and now is everything working as it should.