Controlling the R22 with keyboard or mouse

  • Hello.

    I posted this question on other open thread, but as i got no reply, here it goes again

    I have a small problem with the R22 (wich is GREAT, by the way)

    My Saitek X52 is broken. While i don't fix it (or replace it), i want try the R22, using the keyboard and mouse. The problem is, i tried several key combinations in the settings, but the only thing i could use is the Collective. The Cyclic and TailRotor don't do anything, no matter the keys i select. For example, for aircraft, i have WASDQE for the elevator, aileron and rudder, and F1 and F2 for the throttle, and it works. For the helicopter i tried the same combinations, and others, but the only thing i can control with the keyboard is the collective, and mixture.

    Also, the touch/mouse control on the bottom right corner of the screen doesn't seem to work with the R22.

    Any ideas?


  • Good luck, I just can't

    Hi Nuno

    I have exactly the same difficulty as you in activating (compensating), the pair of the blades of the R 22 with two keys. I assigned that function to the keys, but it has no effect. I've tried with several keys, but nothing works.

    However, it works very well for me, in the control of the rudder in all the airplanes, in addition, it works progressively in all the airships (including the acrobatic ones, that I fly them a lot).

    From this it can be deduced, that at the moment, the software of this R 22, does not include the possibility of that control, it seems that at present, only that control with pedals can be carried out. Well ... we'll have to wait, if we want to assign that function to two keys.

    However, with this R 22, a really strange phenomenon occurs: He commented "J van E", that when he started trying to fly, it was impossible in both modalities; However, I was amazed by this R 22: in "easy mode", I absolutely do not need this key control. I ascend and move with great comfort and without the need of control with the tail rotor. How is it possible that this software of the R 22, works so docile on my PC? and so uncontrollable in another PC ?. When I read that post from J va E, I initially thought that its software had to have some difference with respect to mine (that something had been erased, or the download was not exactly the same, something very difficult to admit, but it was true) .

    I repeat, we have to wait for them to adjust things with this new toy.

    Regards: Dolphin

  • I have no idea what the previous post means, but you can't fly a helicopter with a keyboard.

    Not for the moment, but I hope so, in the immediate future; Of course, not with the benefits and comfort provided by pedals.

    I know it's not the best or more practical way to do it, but if it is possible with all the planes, it should also be possible with the R22. Anyway, it would be just a temporary solution until i fix my X52

    By the way Nuno,

    I suppose you mean the "Logitech G Saitek X52 Flight". And ... I'm interested in your opinion, because I'm about to buy it:

    Are you satisfied with that Joystick?

    How long have you bought it?

    What problem do you have with him now?

    Regards: Delfin

  • Hi

    Yes, it's the Saitek X52. I have it since 2006 or 2007, i'm not sure. Until recent times, it has served me well.

    But now it has some problem in the rudder axis. It's unstable, and makes everything unflyable. I've seen some videos on Youtube with tips on how to repair that problem, so, as soon as i can find the time, i will try to fix it

  • Guys, you can probably find a used flight stick on eBay for almost nothing. MS sidewinders and some of the early models. This will get you off the keyboard and enjoying the pleasures of flying the R22.



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  • Guys, you can probably find a used flight stick on eBay for almost nothing. MS sidewinders and some of the early models. This will get you off the keyboard and enjoying the pleasures of flying the R22.



    Hi Ray

    I was taking a look on eBay, and I did not find any bargain; I found them quite expensive, with the aggravating fact that they are used and you never know the status of that product. I prefer to pay a little more, and have the guarantee that this product works.

    In any case, thanks for that information

    Regards: Delfin

  • Surely you can't be serious about not finding some deals on ebay. While true, they are used, they are also less than $50 and most will give your money back if they don't work. Most folks don't sell things they know are broken, unless for parts.


    That first one in the image could be bought for $35 including free return and s/h and the seller has a 99.8% satisfaction rating. You may be aiming a little too high. 8o



    Should you ever stop asking everyone about everything and decide to fly the R-22 with a joy stick, I recommend you start small and look for something like the MS Sidewinder Extreme Pro. Make sure it is USB, provided you have a PC with a USB 2.0 port. Here is one with a 100% seller confidence that you can buy for $15 (seller says great condition). It might cost a bit more to ship to wherever you are but, I am sure similar deals can be found on the European used market.

    This has a throttle and plenty of buttons for assigning trims and such. I have one of these packed away someplace and I consider it an excellent design for 15 years ago. I would think it to be an excellent starter joystick well suited to learning to fly the R-22.