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  • "Please remember that the screenshot thread is for screenshots only. If you wish to carry on a conversation about something related to Aerofly please open up a new thread.

    Thank you for understanding."

    I completely agree that adding comments on the Screenshot Thread creates a lot of clutter. Being about to talk about or leave a comment would be a nice touch to the Screenshot Thread. That's what makes the forums fun. Perhaps the Facebook "Comment and Like" approach? Otherwise opening a new thread or sending a private message to talk about a screenshot/video is not as fun and would add a complete different amount of clutter to the General Discussion Thread. Hopefully this can be considered in the future. :)

  • Thank you for your suggestion however allowing comments in our screenshot thread makes things very difficult for other members of the community to look through screenshots. It also makes things much more difficult to go through screenshots for our screenshot contest. We don't have a lot of time to spend flipping threw pages and pages of comments and conversation to find actual screenshots. Difficulty also includes those that quote previous screenshots which add to the clutter. At this time unfortunately we are going to have to keep things streamlined.

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