How to set ILS frequency in an Airbus airplane?

  • No long ago since I surprisingly found that ILS in Aerofly works in a professional way:thumbup:. And I think it's a good start of the radio system of this simulation, hopefully it will be more completed when ATC comes out.

    But as I usually fly Boeing airplanes, honestly I'm quite unfamiliar with Airbus aircraft (more specifically, the a320). And when I tried to set the ILS frequency in the FMC, it always inform me that the format is wrong. It seems that it doesn't follow the "frequency/direction" format of Boeing aircraft or a "direction/frequency" format as I tried. What's the correct format?

  • ILS frequency and course have separate fields in the MCDU

    1. Press the RAD NAV button like you already did

    2. Enter the ils frequency by just typing on the number pad. You can press the clr key to correct it, if needed.

    Make sure to have the decimal separator in there, so 111 would not be correct but 111. (with point at end) would be ok.

    -> Just enter something like 110.3

    3. Press the third line select key on the left to insert the frequency. This fills in the identifier name on the MCDU page, so it might say "ISBA/110.3"

    To enter the course type it in (e.g. 123) and then click the fourth line select key on the rad/nav page

    In the 747 you need to do something like 111.4/123 for frequency and course.