13 Reasons you should learn to fly a tailwheel

  • Let me try this again. :P


    Is there any special taildragger that catches your fancy at Deadstick?

    No, because initially there only will be one plane and it will be a taildragger without brand because they don't have licenses because damage and wear and tear is a fundamental part of the experience. ;) So in order to enjoy that sim you have to start enjoying taildraggers. ;)

  • This thread got me started on taildraggers. I thought my landings were a piece of art until I tried my first taildragger landing. ;) Thank god some helpful soul wrote https://wikihow.com/Land-a-Taildragger

    Doing landing practices over and over again, I noticed that VR really helps to get your distances right (let alone peeking around the nose of your plane while taxiing).

    I found a nice article about the virtues of taildragging: https://airfactsjournal.com/20…u-must-fly-a-taildragger/

  • Thanks for sharing that Ray.

    Got my PPL in a Skyhawk, twenty years ago. Flew various tricycle gear planes, but didn't fly a tailwheel until roughly five years ago, when I took basic aerobatic lessons and got my TW endorsement in a Super Decathlon. Boy, what a fun little airplane that is! A real blast to fly.

    #5 (Wheel landings) and #10 (Slips) are probably my favorite thing.

    No Cessna or Piper that I've ever flown were as enjoyable to slip as this thing. I immediately fell in love with flying this airplane, simply due to how much fun it is. A true Stick & Rudder machine, which really woke up my Skyhawk feet ^^

    #5- After struggling with them on the first few attempts (with a few bounces and go-arounds/PIO), once I got the hang of it, that instantly became my favorite method of coming in. Hot and fast, lol.

    Three pointers never gave me much of a problem and I got pretty good at them rather quickly.

    Wheel landings are a blast.

    My piloting skills definitely improved overall.



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