Developper request : runway light in day

  • I agree. I would also like for streetlights to turn on a bit earlier as well or have the ability to access that option. Did you notice runway lights activate when foggy in sim?


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  • It would certainly increase the realism of the simulator, besides it is disappointing that a simulator so cool the taxi lights and landing do not illuminate the track, especially at night ...

  • In real world, international airports have runways ligths always enabled (day and night). In futur, it is possible to add an option into .tsc file to set ligths enabled always ?

    Where did you get this info from? On many big airports like e.g. JFK, they are only turned on during the day in low visibility.

  • you are right, it depends on the visibility. But I don't understand, for example this picture was taken in Gatwick 3 weeks ago and the lights are ON but visibility is not bad:

    Or here at Zurich:

    (Video here:


    visibility does not activate the lights in AFS2, this is a first way.

    But the perfect solution, it would be a switch that allows to activate / deactivate these lights with, for example, 3 positions: ON / OFF / AUTO.