Aerofly FS2 and Valve Index

  • Arghhh I like this, but I still feel like they have it backwards. The "controller" should track fingers, but not have a "body" so to speak, the body (trigger, etc..) should be virtual, or at least optionally virtual.

    The idea is to be able to use HOTAS and yet to track fingers for dashboard interaction. Right now the only options are to go fully virtual, dashboard and controller controlled virtually, or full hardware (HOTAS) and use some form of controller grabbing (mouse or others) to control the dashboard and systems.

    Even better for people like Ray who use a hardware dashboard, would be to have either hardware priority, or both equal priority but mapping selection: anything that is hardware controlled (HOTAS, switch, display, buttons, knob, etc..) is prioritized over virtual (or toggled through interface mapping), anything that is not hardware wired, is controlled virtually.

    The "knuckle controller" should be a glove or something similar not intrusive to use hand with other systems (HOTAS).

    I want to develop such controller, but haven't had time to mess with it.

    Anybody has a solution? I tried leap motion but not much success so far.

  • I have now had both of my v2 base stations go bad. That is not good. They replaced the first one for free, but this one I think I will have to pay for. I love the way the Index performs, but I strongly advise everyone to turn off the base stations when not in use. I did that once the first one went bad, but I still lost unit number 2.