Aerofly FS2 RC ATC available for download (trial or purchase)

  • Hi Peter,

    Yep, still around.:)

    The product is still available and is still supported. The dedicated website has been shut down in favor of using a subdomain within our main website ( The main website is undergoing maintenance at the moment.

    What can I help with?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Pilzkopp,

    The email address is

    For the last couple of days, there were problems with receiving email at this address. The problems have been resolved. The host website,, is presently undergoing maintenance but should be back up by COB tomorrow (11/25)



    Hello Karl, I am trying to integrate RC4.3 into Aerofly FS2 (which I am using in VR mode only). I have obtained RC4.3 (which is now freeware) but am puzzled as to how to get in running in Aerofly.

    As I understand, you have developed an integration solution for RC into Aerofly FS2. I have also read that VR support was on the horizon a while ago. I have a few questions:

    -Does your solution now support VR?

    -Where (at can I read about your product?

    KInd regards,


  • Hello Felix,

    While I considered adding support for VR shortly after release of the product, I decided not to move forward.

    The product is still available and actively supported. If you'd like further information, feel free to contact me at

    Kind regards,


    Hi Karl,

    That's unfortunate. I know for a fact that many people using VR have Aerofly FS2, as it is one of the few (the only?) flight sim that has VR hands integration.

    I'll contact you by email, thanks.