FS2 vs Steam load error! (FIX shown)

  • Is there any offline option?, I’ve had three Steam ‘updates’ today and FS2 will not start. I got Steam Error, application load error 3:0000065432. Two reboots and steam/FS2 update lookups have not helped.

    What On Earth (!) are the endless Steam Updates about?, is it simply some sort of piracy prevention procedure?

    (Beta, unable to look up the version number)

  • Thanks ‘Admin’, I tried that and it didn’t help. But... I used my (Asus) graphics card gaming booster program which turns off ‘Windows services and processes’ and it got both FS2 and FS1 working again. It also does system memory clearing and defragmentation which might not be relevant.

    Perhaps it was a Windows or virus software change.....

    The Steam error report with FS1 was ‘51’ which I looked up and saw it means Suspended. The ‘3: etc’ for FS2 is supposed to mean No Connection.

    Perhaps some sort of interaction might have been expected?

    Thanks Very Much for replying over the holiday

    It turns out that DeepGuard virus software was doing this. I excluded AEROFLY_FS_2.EXE and all became well.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “FS2 vs Steam! (SCREAM)” to “FS2 vs Steam load error! (FIX shown)”.