• 1 This is a limitation of the shaders on mobile but we can try and create a work around
    1.1 Known issue we'll fix that
    1.2 Please elaborate. The steering works great and the nose gear damper also works well. Not sure that should be solved here since it works as it should. What do you mean with wing curvature? Wing flex?

    1.3 The B747 is based on many photos can you show us exactly what you mean? It looks very realistic to me.

    1.4 What part?

    1.5 The Q400 spoilers work realistically. They extend when you move the power levers into the beta range. They don't extend on their own after touch down as in real life. What exactly do you think needs fixing here?

    2. Which airport is missing a parking position? What kind of new views would you like to have?

  • 1.2 nose gear door. Wings

    1.3 focus on the nose! The shape of the plane head.nose landing gear main gear. Other!

    1.4 when you try do land b737. When the main gear touching the runway. It’s seems like hydraulic put you up every time!

    2. Ground

    Airplane at gate! Transportation!
    For example.This is just only some of all airports that loosing a parking plane and transport and Switzerland’s too.

    This is all for you to make the game so much mor better. More realistic. Other!