ILS Netherlands

  • Not that I know. Afaik there are problems with ILS in default AFS2 already (lots of ILS's on the navigation map which aren't there in the simulated world... very inconvenient when you approach an airport after a long flight and the ILS turns out to be non-existent). Because of this I always use (fake) RNAV approaches (in the Q400, which is the only plane I fly). After reading about problems with ILS's in the Netherlands DLC (where none of them seem to work) I decided to also fly RNAV approaches there. Which means I never actually tried it... but afaik the ILS's don't work in NL.

  • I do recommend it because it is the ONLY scenery that looks kind of real to me while flying, mainly because of all the precisely placed cultivation. While flying at >3500 ft I get the idea that if I'd land somewhere things would look just as good as in ATS. Most other sceneries for AFS2 look fake to me because of the randomly (and often totally wrong) placed cultivation. Parts may look okay but never the entire scenery. The Netherlands is the only scenery that looks good all over the place. Cities can look a bit generic due to a bit generic textures: the shapes are very varied though. Outside of the cities things look great imho, specially thanks to all those perfectly placed trees.

    I myself ONLY fly above the Netherlands in AFS2. It's a pity the country is rather small though... and utterly flat. Still, I'd recommend it. It's a lot better than the default AFS2 scenery. The Florida DLC comes close in a few places. Switzerland can be okay too with the free Orbx cultivation. But because of the odd trees it's still not as good as NL. (Obviously the Orbx airports are also great but they are really small too...)

  • I only fly the Netherlands DLC because it is very suitable for VFR and I can navigate to VFR objects. It is not entirely real, but comes very close to reality.

    I can recommend Netherlands.