Sound Plant 45 used to add additional sound effects

  • Hi I’m back into AF2 here loving the new features I’ve discovered since leaving this sim alone for over a year I’ve got to say I’m impressed by the look feel and visuals of flying the jets - new 777 is great and the cam system on MFD is mind blowing ! sound is still lacking on this sim ( improving however) but I just must recommend Sound Plant 45 for adding in any sound files you want to keyboard strikes via a great visual interface- I’ve easily enhanced this sim with various sounds that play on a key click like gear noises , avionics whine , ac pack blowers etc ...

  • Good to hear, any chance of sharing some samples with the community?

    When Pigs Fly. A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o

    Get ready for the next level of AFS2, graphics and animations you only dreamed of . . . Hawaii Revisited . Coming soon.