Surprise new feature for Learjet 45

  • Mixed in with all the hoopla announcing the new FS2020 and the arrival of the B777-300ER you may have missed some of the smaller, but, still very important added features. As most of you know my goto IPACS plane is the Learjet 45. Because I fly almost entirely in the U.S. my choice of fuel quantity and fuel flows have always been Pounds and Pounds/hour vs KG and KG/H. This is just one of those old school things that is burned into my brain.

    I asked for the option of being able to select Pounds vs KG since day one, but, fully understood it was always low down there on the todo list. Jan, has made a constant or continuous stream of updates to the Learjet 45 over the years and each and every one of them I do truly appreciate.

    We got a ton of CAS messages added, got some depth of systems screens, got some indications of where the thrust levers are set, even got the cabin door to open and close. We even got an excellent basic flight tutorial, but, the gas always read way too low for me. Then I would remember that I have to do the conversion trick in my head, OK double the KG number, now add 10%. duh.

    Not what you want to be doing when you are bringing this baby in to Boston at minimums and squeezed in between a double handful of heavies that are all running late.

    Well, I just happened to find out that the fuel readout now has the option of Pounds/PPH or KG/KGH. Well, at least for the panel indicators. The FMS still reads in KG, but, the FMS upgrade is on the wait list for a big update one day. 8o

    If you fly the Learjet and you also have been wishing for a more USA version, check it out. It is simple enough, Open the tmd file, find “display_learjet45" then find two sections with

    "OptionFuelUnit" and set both to "true. Save the file and go fly.

    Thanks Jan.