A short "wish list" of mine for Aerofly FS 2 (Holy smokes)

  • One thing that became clear when I first delved into this simulator was the lack of smoke.

    I'm trying to figure out why it hasn't been implemented especially considering how GREAT

    it runs on Vulkan. It seems like an early thing that should have been included long ago.

    What I'd LOVE and HOPE to see coming sometime soon...

    tire smoke

    engine smoke

    chimney smoke

    airshow type smoke - that you can place where you want (and say 1 to 3 trails) - i.e. engine and both wingtips

    vapor trails coming off flaps and/or wingtips

    Landing/taxi lights that reflect off the ground and light up objects.

    When I was living in Germany and watching planes come into land at Frankfurt Main Airport, the vortexes

    coming off the wings were awesome to watch! Can anyone tell me if this is on a "to do" list?

    That's all. It would add SO MUCH fun seeing that in this wonderful sim. Thanks for considering. :)

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  • nice repaints, thanks for making them and sharing with the community.

    Yes, each of us has a “wish list” and I am confident the devs are listening. Otherwise, this could be a lonely place around mid-year.

  • Thanks. Yes... very true. I’m so excited for fs2020 but that can’t be good for these guys. It is sad.

    Nothing says the two will be mutually exclusive. I am assuming they will coexist nicely, for awhile anyway. 8o

  • That’s true. I love how buttery smooth Aerofly runs. I’m on an i7-3770K and am still able to run at 60 FPS at 1440p. That’s amazing for as much detail is in this.

    I’d like to see the leaps in tech being made work their way into all sims... eventually.

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