What’s the correct way to lift off in Robinson R22?

  • Hi,

    I am trying to learn how to take off and taxi in the R22, but It’s not a great success so far.

    i push de pedals to stop the yaw, and slowly lift the collector, the moment I leave the ground a few things happen,

    When the cyclic is to much pulled, I fly backwards and crash.

    To much pushed forward, the same, and many times it lifts off and slides to the right, and bank to the right,

    I do all sorts of things wrong, but what is the good way?

    Why does it slides to the right when the cyclic is centered?

    Any help would be appreciated:)

  • Because it also slides to the side in the real world when the cyclic is centered... The tail rotor creates a side force which you need to counteract by rolling a bit to the the opposite side. Usually the hovering attitude needs about 3-5 degrees of bank. That means you have to lift off one skid at a time to make if perfect, or just lift it up and then immediately do a tiny correction to the side to keep it hovering.

    To make things easier make sure your controls are calibrated well and also decrease the sensitivity to remove jitter.