Localizer frequencies in Nav Map?

  • While approaching South Lake Tahoe to RWY18, I enabled the Copilot to reach out to my coffee mug.
    To my surprise, the copilot selected also a Nav1 and 2 frequency of 108.9. The DME showed a distance and speed that looked quite realistic. On the nav map I did not find any navaids with that frequency close by, so I checked airnav.com and saw that this frequency is indeed the actual localizer.

    So, maybe it would be possible to add this localizer info/frequency to the nav map, so that I don't have to look for it?

    BTW: Airnav.com said the PAPI lights are on the left, but in Aerofly they were on the right. Almost made me land on the taxiway 8o


  • Oh, obviously I forgot to mention I used the Cessna.

    When activating the Copilot, I heard and saw what he or she did, like dialing the heading bug, setting frequencies etc. I just didn't know what 108.9 referred to. But it's awesome to know that the localizer frequencies are implemented, just not stated in the maps themselves. But now that I know, I can look for them in real air nav charts.

    For navigation tutorials please check the wiki section of the Aerofly website. In the different aircraft sections, different methods are explained in detail. In the Cessna section, mainly the autopilot is described, while the Baron also explains some VOR nav.

    On YouTube and other sites there are also a lot of VOR tutorials.

    Edit: There is a dedicated navigation tutorial on the aerofly website:


  • The aerofly cessna 172 is wonderful ... Bro I have a problem taking off as it has a good height .. I activate the autopilot .. I always activate height and heading .. Or sometimes nav? What is the correct option bro? And sometimes even if either of these two options is activated, the plane deviates from its route ... And someone. He told me that it is necessary to manually move the course in the image that I send you in that compass. Is it necessary to always do it manually bro? And activate the co-pilot on a landing the autopilot is off use the co-pilot .. I am 10 mn from the runway but in the nav section I don't know anything .. I have to do a manual flight and on the approach turn on the co-pilot so you can see how the nav bro moves? Thanks for your tips