What causes the rejection of a plane by ground contact?

  • I wish to explore the possibility of correcting the ground rejection of the ICON A5 that Krzysztof Kaniewski was working on when he stopped participating in the forums. I was beta testing his planes at the time and the ICON A5 was nearing the ready for release point.

    Is is possible to copy a section of another tmd file over to the ICON tmd in hopes of correcting the problem?

  • Hello Jan, thanks for the reply. When I started looking at the ICON as soon as the main wheels touched the ground I had an instant rejection and was bounced to 5,000 ft.

    I compared "collision" text in the tmd with the C172mod and I // out the differences in the ICON tmd. This allowed the plane to touch the ground but introduced a new problem that looks like an after CG and the main wheel continue turning when I try to stop.

  • OK. I think we are moving in the right direction. The ICON will now land without rejection or collision. I think one brake might be dragging a bit, or some wheel friction is not set correctly, as she wants to make a hard turn as the ground speed drops. Once stationary, the standard position is tail down, which is not normal for a tricycle gear airplane. Usually when I try to taxi or takeoff I get some sort of hiccup and end up on the runway numbers with the ICON bucking back and forth. I use a Saitek switch panel and I can see the Green lights for "gear down and locked" cycle from red to green to red as she bucks back and forth. I can't takeoff from this state.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Link for tmd in previous post.