VR Questions

  • Probably a day late and a dollar short but I have dug my Track IR out of the garage where it has been languishing for a few years and used it for the first time in AFS2 this week. I normally like to fly in chase plane view and after a bit of tweaking I have Track IR working well with this. I should have tried this long before I think.

    Anyway I have been thinking ..... is there anyone out there who uses VR in chase plane view? If so how does it fare?

    If I ever tried VR I think it would b e with an Oculus Quest wireless and ALVR or similar. Does anyone use this.? I am not even sure if my laptop would run VR. It uses a Ryzen 5 3550H with 8gb of ram and I have a dual graphic card set up with an Nvidia 1050 3gb of Ram gaming card and a 2gb AMD Vega mobile gfx 2100 mhz 4 core other graphics card. That gives me a solid 120 FPS in AFS2.

    Thanks. :)