External Smartphone Controller for AFS2 (Virtual Yoke)

  • I don't have joystick and for this I face a lot of difficulty while flying an aircraft. Also its troublesome to fly with mouse.

    Sir is there any such external(virtual) controller for AFS2? I mean can we control the aircrafts in Aerofly PC using our Smartphone? Is there any such apk with which we can do so. Control the aircrafts with a virtual yoke in our smartphones?

    It would be a huge help if the Developer can figure something out.

    I have found an Apk which allows to control our PC using phone. The Apk is "PC-Remote"


    Inside it you can control games like "Ace-Combat" to "GTA-5" by creating custom control layouts. Sir can you check that and if you find it appropriate can you create a control layout for AFS2 by which we can control the planes in our PC from Phone though not having Joystick.

    Best Regards


  • Sir I think that it can be implemented as in the Apk "P-C Remote" there is already a X-Box Controller let me show you.

    Please see the trailer of the Monect Apk. And you will understand what I mean.

    That's the preinstalled Layout of X-Box Controller in the Apk.

    This one is the preinstalled Layout of Forza-Horizon-4. Which has a Steering which moves using G-Sensors.

    Thks one is the preinstalled Layout of Ace-Combat 7. Which is Fighter Jet Simulator. Using it we can fly the aircrafts in pc just by Sensors.

  • Sir Jet-Pack now what you say. Everything is there just you need to create a layout for Aerofly FS2. I tried the Apk inbuilt X-Box Controller but it's very difficult and unfamiliar. YOU GIVE IT A TRY.

    If you wish I can create a short video and show to you when I used this Apk to control Aerofly it's worked but without a proper layout it's very difficult to fly with.

    I can show you how it's working with Aerofly Fs if you wish. Because I figured out something.