• I am currently trying to find the best setting for my notebook and haven't decided yet between OpenGL and Vulkan. The latter seems to generate a bit more frame rates (which I need since it is not a gaming notebook), but the image appears better with VSync in OpenGL.

    Why is Vsync not available with Vulkan?


  • Not sure I understand what you mean, Overloaded. Is that a setting within AF?

    BTW: When limit frame rate set to off, AF was running ok in Florida under Vulkan, between 25 and almost 50 fps. The only annoying thing is when looking around, the screen frames start to mismatch. Interestingly, this doesn't happen with OpenGL, even with VSync disabled.


  • Just quickly checked, it's called FreeSync here, but there are other options as well I'd like to try. We'll see. There is always my iPad Pro as a "fallback" option, albeit without any additional sceneries (except Switzerland) - and no trees! But that's another story.

  • I tried all kinds of system settings, but they didn't seem to have any effect. I noticed that Florida is a bit of a special scenery with its zillions of small houses around Miami. New York was very fluid, with at least 40fps steady. Even better in Grand Canyon: Up to 70fps. Innsbruck and Lukla are more demanding again.

    Anyway, it runs ok now for me with Full-HD, Vulkan without Vsync and no Anti-Aliasing, and low settings. Still looks better than on the iPad, let alone all the other benefits.