Now the next immersion step

  • Since there are now three great helicopters to choose from and the optics, with good VR glasses, can hardly be surpassed, the support of motion platforms would increase the already great experience a big step. Simmers who have spent a lot of money on a movable seat would certainly also pay something for an additional module that enables movement, I definitely would. I would also accept a reduction in FPS if a switch for motion control on or off in the settings enables fast data output and the FPS would be a little less.

    What do the Simmers, the Gamers and the Developers think about this idea?

  • I wait also that I can use it ... when i build it ( see my link ) there are signals for motion electronics from Arofly FS2 ... I read I start it ..

    But then i read it was stoped I also didnt go on with it .. . I have everything here ...about 1500 Euro materials ... but have to wait :)