• I'm new to the forum and Aerofly fs 2.

    My interest is through practice, learning to fly the the F4U well.

    So far I have found the f4u to fly very smoothly, but holding pitch

    and lateral trim is difficult. I can get the correct trim, but I have

    to really watch the nose to constantly correct ether the pitch or

    horizontal attitude. I am very much aware of the torque on take

    off and in flight, and have improved on that aspect. I thought

    if someone who flies the F4u quite a bit could give me some

    tips and tricks to overcome my sloppy way of flying through the


  • Try YouTube original pilot flight training videos, you might acquire copies of original published written pilot's notes if you are especially interested.

    I haven't flown a Corsair but from what I've seen and read the Aerofly Corsair's handling at the extremes seems very reasonable to me, remember a WW2 fighter aircraft is supposed to be almost unstable and was expected to be flown by highly trained selected pilots who would have progressed through a series of increasingly demanding trainers.

    They were not ideal planes for instrument flying, if the Aerofly Corsair is a handful that is a good thing!