2022 in walked

  • Dear developers, I want to know something ... I am already registered in the pre-registration of the new aerofly 2022 and I observed Something in The description of the game, I did not find The description of taxi lights, airport lights, so I guess the Android version will come without lights? in a hypothetical case what is true, how long could we have an update and be able to have lights?

  • Eduardo190: In the first release we will not include the dynamic lighting due to too many issues on the various devices. We might consider it in a future update but need to find a compatible solution first.

    Thank you very much for answering ... hopefully the update didn't take long to arrive ... The new lighting is amazing and I like to travel at night ... you could add a lighting option where there are Two options in the menu interface, activate lights or disable lights, powerful Android devices could run dynamic lights without any problem, please do not take long to find a solution, it would be best to be able to run them only on powerful devices