what is TRK and FPA? Airbus 320

  • Hi. You have 2 modes:

    HDG V/S

    You set a heading and a vertical speed. In this case heading+wind=course.


    You set a course and an angle. The “bird” is displayed in the PFD. Whatever the winds, your course is your course, whatever the speed, your angle is your angle.

    Something like this:

    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer on Airbus A320

    Aerofly FS 4 on MacBook Pro 14-inch M1 Pro / 16 GB RAM

    Aerofly FS 2022 on iPad Pro 11-inch M1 / 8 GB RAM

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    What is the TRK and FPA system for? Is it for a VOR landing? VOR landings how does it work gets you to the runway? can the airplane land automatically following a glide slope? please someone help me

    TRK steers the plane left and right to maintain a selected track across the ground

    FPA steers the plane up and down to maintain a constant descent or climb angle

    The TRK and FPA modes don't react to a VOR needle or any glide path at all, you have to manually adjust the target TRK and FPA values to stay on your VOR radial. You cannot auto-land using the VOR and the autopilot does not capture the VOR itself.

    To perform an auto-land you need to use an ILS and use the proper approach modes LOC and G/S.

    Please read our tutorial on Airbus autopilots which describes VOR and ILS approaches.