Start up for the F4U Corsair

  • The only bother is finding the magneto switches, they are behind the flap lever when it is set at 10%. The primer, starter, battery etc switches are on the right low panel.

    Like all Aerofly piston planes don’t try real world fuel injection techniques such as prime and mixture idle cut-off, it does not work in Aero. Just give starter and battery ..whatever.. a go with the throttle opened a bit (and naturally prop in fine pitch …..but it hardly matters here). The supercharger setting and fuel tank in use doesn’t matter either.

    On-line pilot notes are a big help.

    Just tried PC FS2 and none of this works! There is just some switch click sound.

    In mobile FS2022 the battery, fuel pump, primer and the starter are not even needed! It will start with mixture rich and the mags on, nothing remotely like how it is in real life. In fact the 2,800 cubic inch engine with a planetary reduction gearbox between it and the prop' is slowly turned over in the wind(?). There is some room for improvement.

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