Ju52 tail wheel

  • Hallo IPACS

    The Tail Wheel of the Ju52 cannot be steered.This is actually the case in the Original.But couldn't IPACS make a Compromise here and couple the Tail Wheel to the Rudder? In the current Simulation it is almost Impossible to drive a normal Taxi,the Plane is very difficult to steer.The steering with the two outer Motors is also very difficult to control.This may work in the Original but in the Simulation it works very badly.

    Please check and please find a Solution to the Problem.

    Thanks IPACS...

  • Yes, the Original Plane had left and right independently operated Brakes.These are controlled by the two outer Thrust Levers.In the Simulator this is not 100% accurate,here You can run a Curve by increasing the Thrust of the respective outer Thrust Lever in connection with the Rudder.However,this does not work properly in practice. That's why You should change it as described above.