Aerofly FS4: Flight missions

  • I read the following in the coming features for AFS4:

    • Flight missions based on real world airline flights as well as custom flight mission presets and challenges
    • Pilot career achievements, logbook, recorded flight paths, statistics

    What does it mean? Is there some Role-playing game built-in or is it just a way to quickly fly using real-world flights without having to deal with flight planning?

  • We're planning on providing more details on this soon but we've already written a bit about this in our recent developer teaser:

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)
    December 10, 2021 at 10:12 PM

    You'll have the option to pick from many real world traffic connections to instantly pick a realistic flight route. The flight plan is automatically programmed for you and you can instantly fly that route. Using the time skip you can jump through the boring cruise segments and that way you can visit a lot of placed in a short amount of time. If you don't like the selected aircraft or the weather conditions or the route you are free to change and customize them as well.

    Additionally we've set up challenges like an approach into Innsbruck, London City or Madeira for example which you can use to practice your skills.

    All significant flights are logged and can be reviewed on a map, you can see the time you've flown in which aircraft or aircraft categories and so on. There are also achievements that you can reach and you get medals for different aircraft categories. You'll have access to all missions and all aircraft right from the get-go and you don't have to reach milestones to progress to other aircraft or anything like that. It's not a career mode simulation for a character, just some fun ways to quickly jump into action and visit new places that you haven't seen yet or try out new aircraft.