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  • Hello Aerofly Team

    I fly over steam with VR glasses and controller and would like to show you various shortcomings.

    - When starting the CRJ 900 LR , the distance you have to cover with the controllers is different than the thrust levers in the airplane.

    This is very irritating as the controller and throttle to be out of sync.

    -At many airfields you can no longer take off with „Cold and Dark“. Red Airplane symbols appear at designated locations. ( e.g. Frankfurt-Hahn airfield)

    -There is no lighting on the ground at night. Unfortunately, flying at night is very dull.

    -The propeller lever in the dash q 400 becomes independent during flight.

    -I notice that the approach altitude is very often wrong during the ILS approach. Either you are too high or too low when approaching .

    With the CRJ 900 I have noticed this problem several times.

    Basically, the game Aerofly fs 4 is great and I can only congratulate you on that.

  • Good morning Aerofly
    I notice that during night flights you can only see the landing lights from the cockpit if you raise your head with the VR glasses. I have already tried all the settings but nothing changes.

    In order to explain
    You can only see the landing lights in the lower third of the VR glasses when you lift your head by about 45 degrees.

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