Ortho Photos

  • I wonder why several different sources are used for ortho images, which are then very different and the boundaries between them as well. For example, the surroundings of Prague airport look like a pink-beige desert, which is unrealistic.

    It is clear to me that it is impossible to reconcile such transitions. But would it be possible to use a single source of ortho images, or not?

    Previous versions of ortho images had a lower resolution, but they were consistent and had realistic colors.
    So one option would be to have a previous version of ortho available

    Would it be possible to download this previous version? It's gone after the update.

  • Since the new ortho images are not ideal in Europe (different color sources), I wanted to put my own ortho images created with Aeroscenery there.
    In the original version of the Aerofly FS4 (before the update), they worked without problems.

    But now when I put them there and load the flight, the simulator crashes with no error message. Could something be done about it?
    The ZL16 texture images seem to be more stable than higher zoom levels, but it's impossible to say if this is the case in all cases.
    It crashes not only in flight but also when zooming on the map to select a location.

  • Milan, are you aware of this project?


    I know about this. I have a significant part downloaded, even for the Aerofly FS2. I just recently tried to download the rest and it didn't work anymore.

    That's why I made my own ortho images in Aeroscenery, but now, after the last update, it crashes the simulator.

    I'll try with the older Ortho since it has a lower ZL, it might work.

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  • Maybe I found the cause of the crash of the simulator after the last update. Or at least something related to it.

    I tried the older Ortho for the Czechia and it worked. When I compared it with my newer one, I found that there are extra files named *_mask.ttc in the newer ortho. When I tried to put them away, it doesn't seem to crash anymore, neither in flight nor when zooming in the map. So maybe this is it?

  • Same for Chicago, but there is no airport nor cultivation, except a few poi 😉

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