Update and Mac M1 Performance

  • After installing the update I am really impressed by the new aerial images and landmark buildings - it is a significant improvement in Germany and other European regions. But there are still missing high resolution aerials for some regions like the canaries, madeira and Iceland - will these added soon?

    The performance on M1 Macs is still ambivalent. It is close to unplayable in NYC and LAX, but also in some regions in Germany i.e. in Hamburg there is a massive performance lag. It seems to be related to some kind of scenery (in most cases the massive drop is only appearing In the vicinity of airports but not in the high density city sceneries, i.e. in NYC) and MSAA, wich is known for sometimes causing problems with metal. Will there be a fix for this?

  • We do not have any good sources yet for the regions you have mentioned, but we intend to offer indeed better resolution in those missing regions in the future.

    As for the performance: Highly populated areas put a lot of pressure on the GPU so optimization is possible by sacrificing either details or limiting the number of visual objects. We will try to improve here in the future.