Graphic issues with airplanes in new Aerofly FS 2023

  • guys,I find if I want to narrow my sight(or to bigger the range of sight),the graph quality will become extremely poor.As an regular user of Aerofly

    ,I haven’t noticed that on my 2022 etc.Is that my pad’s problem or bugs?

    I can’t recognize the figures on the display!

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  • You are zoomed way too far out, that is like an ultra wide angle lens view. Remember that in your second picture view your feet would be on the pedals and your knees just behind the top of the yoke. You can almost see the rear of the seat cushion where your back would be.

    Here is the view shifted by 22.5 degrees, see the heading indicator.

    This is the total 45 degree view angle of a normal natural view camera lens (camera phones are different, they are more wide). This is too zoomed in for sim use unless extensive panning is done but it gives the perspective we have in ordinary life, say in a car driving seat, In three dimensions the pilot’s lower legs will be well behind the instrument panel.

    The ultra wide view also stretches the edges of the image which means that the centre is even more shrunken.

    The 3rd picture is an enlargement of the second one, it will be less detailed than a normal FS2023 screen capture.

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