• Hi Ipacs team,

    I was wondering; is a way to make time faster (like in some other sims which let you make time go 2x to 5x faster) will be implemented in the future? Of course if it is quite a difficult thing to implement no worries; and I know those are small details. I’m also wondering if view shaking will be implemented? I’ve always felt like view shaking in the cockpit and maybe cabin views make the sim drastically more realistic (especially when it’s quite strong).

    Thank you so much for y’all’s awesome work on this beautiful sim!

  • Thanks for the reply!

    Yep I know that there is a time skip feature present but you need to have planned a flight and it brings you to the next waypoint I believe. (If I’m wrong feel free to correct me) but I was more thinking of a way to make time actually faster not to skip time :)