Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant target

  • I bought the add ons for my TCA Throttle quadrant and they arrived today. My problem is that I cannot log on to the Thrustmaster website to download their TARGET software for it. Every time I try to log on I get this on my screen. Is there a problem with Thrustmaster or is it my Windows 11 or something like that? Anyone had this error? :(

    Error establishing a database connection

  • They worked all simply on Mac and for sure without Windows executables.

    But on a PC Windows, I tried TARGET without understanding what happened to me so this thing is a pure mystery!

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  • I tried getting the software on a number of different devices and got the same message about Thrustmaster. I tried again yesterday and it worked and I managed to log into their website and download their software with no problems. I think they must have been offline the first time I tried and the googled message that they were no longer in business dated from 2017 when I guess they must have had a change in ownership?

    Not quite sure about that but all is fine now and they certainly have a decent website available for anyone who has their products.

    Thrustmaster - Technical support website