Slippery Brake Button

  • Version : FS 2023

    Android 13, Samsung S20FE 4G

    Hi, I'm getting very frustrated with this issue that persists and ruins aspects of the realism.

    For a long time I have difficulties using the throttle button to apply reverse thrust. It makes it almost impossible to slow down and exit a runway in a controlled manner.

    The problem is that the button will not remain gripped with the thumb, except when at 100% reverse thrust. All other reverse positions cause the button to slip from my thumb and jump back to zero.

    I have tried phone settings like accidental touch protection, and also I have the app settings set to maximum button size and maximum contrast, and about half transparency. Changing these has no impact, I just can't hold the thrust button when using reverse thrust to slow down on the runway.

    This problem is the same when using the button to brake while taxiing. It won't hold under my thumb unless I pull it all the way to 100%· As a result a lot of my manouvering around the airports is jumpy and unrealistic. Often I can't slow down to exit smoothly from a runway, or I have to do an emergency stop!

    Also the same issue affects the rudder button sometimes, but it is not as bad as the throttle button.

    Looking for any advice or solutions please, both settings on phone and app, or technique. Thanks!

  • Having the same phone, I can understand what you are talking about. What I do is I first set the revers to 100% and then without taking your thumb off, you can easily manipulate it to your liking without letting go.

  • This problem does not occur on my device. I can adjust the reverse thrust freely without lowering the throttle bar to 100%. In a test I was able to make the aircraft brake completely with only 37% of reverse thrust. In another test I was able to brake in the same way with 67% reverse thrust. When activating the reverses in the two tests using 37% and 67% of thrust the lever in no time escaped my thumb and did not return to the idle position. In my opinion, your claim is unfounded.