Finding D-ANOY Ju-52 (Casa 352) in Munich.

  • The good thing about satellite image simulators is that in addition to the elaborate details, you can find a lot more in them with a little searching.

    A good example is the Bremgarten airport in AF 2023 between Basel and Freiburg, which was not developed by the simulator, but is clearly visible on the satellite image.

    The Ju-52, is also found in the same way, although only in a few pixels. I first looked in Google Earth to find out which part of the Munich airport the plane is on display.

    Zooming in on the Google image, you can see that D-ANOY is standing next to a Lufthansa Constellation and a Swissair Dc-3. The Connie is also easily identifiable in the simulator, so the other two pixel clusters can only be Dc-3 and Junkers.

    Finally, two 3D images. It is true that the Junkers license plate is not clearly visible on the simulator image, but it is still good to know that the aircraft is there. :)

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  • It would be helpful if the runway ‘mesh’ could be flat on prominent airfields even if no other development can be offered. The nav aid database is comprehensive and the associated runway is sometimes recognisable from low level. The large planes do not handle the unauthentic giant bumps well.