Realistic Boeing 787 Sound pack

  • Greetings ipacs!!

    Once again, I recently bought the AF2023 flight simulator. Just loved the reflections in every aircraft (which I didn't much notice in AF 2022).

    Anyways, coming to the point. Can we expect realistic soundpack (just like Airbus A320 got one) for 787 in the coming or in 2025?

    Currently, 787 has only realistic engine noises with warnings, GPWS, callous and system related sounds. I feel that, some sounds like APU (interior and exterior), hydraulics ( which flows after starting engines), flaps sounds and some more are missing.

    I hope IPACS adds complete Realistic GE/RR soundpack for the Boeing 787. Actually, I prefer the RR1000 soundpack than this GE. Because, in current opreations most of them use RR Trent 1000 engines than GEnx -1B.