• Hi,

    I am a beginner in FS4 but experienced (5,400 hours) with FSX and a newcommer in MSFS.

    I would like to know what are the effects on flights or views of Auto Tuning, Auto Cockpit and Auto Warnings in Settings / Flight Assistant?

    Also, is there a way to have Auto Mixture for piston engine aircrafts?

    Thank you!

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  • General rule for Aerofly: if you are a beginner keep everything in the default settings.

    Assistance auto tune: Navigation radios are set automatically so that when you fly towards a runway the ILS frequency is set. Nearby VORs are also tuned.

    Auto Cockpit does things like automatically adjust mixture, prop speed, pressurization etc.

    Auto Warnings presses the master caution or master warning after a few seconds if you don't fix the issue before that. It can mute warnings for you that are annoying like the autopilot disengage when you just fly around and don't know how to mute it yourself.

    Auto brakes is an assistance that prevents the aircraft from rolling forward on its own power. If you nudge the throttle it disables and let's the aircraft accelerate, same thing when you release the parking brake. It re-engages after coming to a stop when you hold the brakes.

    Depending on the flight that you are currently doing, I.e. casual 5 minute flight or full hour long experience, you can turn these assistance on or off.

    All assistance are designed to be non-intrusive, so for example if you start to change radio frequencies yourself it no longer auto tunes for you and keeps your custom input.



  • Hello Jan - these are good features, sensibly implemented. It is good to know they are there. Thankyou.

    Personally, I like juggling throttle, mixture, prop pitch, and trim, to set up 'straight and level' flight and remembering what to do next time I use the aircraft.

    Sad to say, there is so much in my 74 yr old memory bank that it can take some time to dredge up that sort of info when I need it :/ :D

    AFS 4 is a great sim, with neat little touches that most young players would not realise were happening.

    Thanks again,

    ATB, MIkeW