F-18 ADF really doesn't work

  • Kishan8907
    September 14, 2023 at 12:48 PM

    Hi Jan, have you seen my F-18 adf post at the end of that thread? Perhaps being marked as 'solved' in the thread title meant you missed it?

    The FS2022 mobile F-18 also will not accept NDB frequencies. I tried Brize Norton (UK) on 386 but it also picked up the unwanted Lyneham NDB.

    Lyneham NDB LA was on 282. Its position on the pics was CPT VOR 275 degrees at 29 miles.

    Inbound to the unwanted 282 ndb.

    Outbound from the 282 ndb.

    I haven't tried FS2023's F-18. FS2024 is presumably due out soon?

  • Have you followed the displayed bearing to its source and is that location 100% correct? (You mean FS2022 I presume). Can you change to a nearby beacon and see sensible bearing changes?

    I get it accepting and displaying nothing or displaying some strange NDB of its own choosing in PC FS4 and (android) FS2022. My (iPadOS) FS2021 works perfectly, I just checked the F-18 at Denver, iPadOS FS2021 worked and Android FS2022 didn’t.

    Android FS2020 worked.

    My Android FS2022 version number is

    Is there a new way to enter the frequency? I tried ADF 1/off/2 and the UFC ON/OFF buttons and nothing helped.

    I got FS2022 to work once in a blue moon! If (at Denver) the top row showed ON 321.0 :BCN it would accept [enter] (or was it ON?) This was 99.9% unreliable.

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