• Hello @ipacs, is there a way to reduce the data consumption of aerofly fs global?

    I made a short flight from sbgr-sbgl,almost and hour flight and it consumed almost 1gb of data even though i was running the sim on medium settings with very few buildings.

    I used to have rfs and xplane and the data consumption per hour flight wasn't more than 300mb. I know aerofly is much more graphical intensive than both, but i hope the data consumption can be reduced to 500mb per hour or so. Thanks

  • Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Cache data is a bit obscur.

    Is there a limit?

    Can I set a limit?

    How can I delete it? Even on Aerofly FS 4 I'm not certain wether or not and which forlder to delete to clear it.

    Is it included in the data to be saved like the old mobile DLCs were? So, will it seriously grow my iCloud backup or I don't know what Android backup?


    For example, one of your competitor (the one with the toxic forum) can take 30 GB easily. And it is saved in the device backup =O.

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