Adding custom waypoints to fmc of a320

  • Yes, you can add waypoints. But you can’t add airways. You can add them by clicking on the last waypoint of the SID for example. There you can select „next waypoint“ and type it in.

    From FPLN, you enter a waypoint name and select one of the LSK left keys. It will be entered at the best place in the flight plan.

    Some waypoints won’t be found in the middle of you plan whereas somes farthest ones would!!

    But I have to confess that I gave up* this method for now, I heartbreakly only use the navigation menu.

    (*) The Navigation Menu is one of the best features of Aerofly, because it allows you to make a flight plan without charts. What is super cool, is to delete the flight plan before starting in cold & dark and then enter the flight plan in the MCDU. But, some waypoints here and there in the middle of the flight plan will not be found (not only the farthest ones).

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