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  • Hello,

    There is something I don't understand with the camera views....

    1. You select for example the pilot view. You then decide to pan around with your hat switch to look at the overhead panel. If you then change your view to external and come back again to the pilot view, the view will stil show the overhead panel.... This is the only sim that does not revert to the default view... very strange. Im implies constantly reajusting your pilot view in this case.

    2. Why isn't it possible to customize a view (e.g a pilot view) and save so that whenever you press a button, you will always select the saved view... (like on all sims on the market).

    Thank you.

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    To reset the view you can double click with the mouse.

    Our goal is to provide a good selection of easily accessible views out of the box. This system needs to work with VR hand controllers, gamepads, with a joystick, keyboard and with a mouse as well as being compatible with touch devices. And saving and reloading custom views would only work well with a keyboard or would require extensive menus for something that should not be required in the first place. Ideally all cameras that most people need are already set up for you. This is why my followup question always is: What cameras do you need which we don't yet have? You probably aren't the only one who may need this or that view, so perhaps we can add it in as a default view, so you don't need custom views! This way everyone would benefit not just a single person or a handful of people that make the effort of setting up custom views.



  • Hello Jan,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply :)

    I think the views are good right now but my main issue is that if I want to move the pilot view a bit closer for example, and start panning around with my joystick hat switch, I can't just reset the view as I will lose the zoom.

    I am often panning around the cockpit with the hat switch of my joystick. On all other sims, If I look at the overhead panel, I can just click on the joystick button assigned to Pilot view to instantly get back to that position. Having to grab the mouse to double click "reset view" is not that convenient imho. Also, It would not revert to my "zoomed" pilot seat but the AFS4 defaut pilot view...