Free storage = performance?

  • I've seen a few posts here that seem to be saying that you get better performance if you have more free storage space on your device. Is this true? Does the iPad use available storage as VRAM or do somehibg like that? I have barely any space on my iPad, definetly not 4gb ;)

  • From 8th September thread about airport scenery not appearing after a period of intensive graphics performance in a 1 GB mini retina.

    IPACS Support

    Thank you for this information. How much storage did you have before you did the clean up?

    Aerofly 2 is fully installed on your iOS device, so no background downloading is taking place. It might be that your iOS device went out of real RAM and then its using virtual memory which in turn uses your storage space. But this is just a wild guess.

    Anyway, your problem is now solved, correct?

  • I can confirm that free space has an impact on performance. I run (or better: ran) Aerofly2 on an iPad Air (1) with 128GB. The game itself ran fine at the beginning (medium graphics settings), still fine with southern California installed, but after buying the airplane package it chrashed almost always (depending on aircraft). Of course I tried resetting, downloading again, and tried all kinds of combinations. Btw: Thanks, Ipacs support. I had about 4GB left on the device.

    Then, I cleaned up my iPad so that I had about 11GB free space left. From then on, Aerofly ran almost perfect, also in medium settings.

    So, free space seems to have an impact in the end.