737 nav boxes will not tune

  • It is a shame as it and the Learjet were the only FS 2 jets which could have their nav radios manually adjusted, the Lear has also stopped working, in fact the Lear is worse as it used to allow direct ADF tuning which the 737 didn't. Auto tuning makes sense in a route but it should not block non-route manual tuning. Another odd thing in the 737 in a route, is that with nav-1 tuned to a VOR the twin needle pointer of the RMI indicates, and when an ILS is auto-selected the nav-1 VOR remains tuned in and the RMI twin needle indicates the VOR with the HSI displaying the ILS. Nav-2 seems to do nothing, perhaps the single needle RMI displays the NDB? A working VOR/NDB selector would be desirable.

  • Overloaded, allow me to remember you of the story of the "The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs"...

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  • I have the same problem with ILA in 737 - 500. I have seen on youtube tha it is (at least was) working, so using APP was possible, but not now. I did ask support for it and they told me to check manual to this game. It was very usefull answer.